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Failed Rotator Cuff Surgery


Generally, rotator cuff surgery has a high patient satisfaction rate, but there are several reasons patients may experience poor results or complications after surgery. Dr. Meier is an expert in performing revision rotator cuff repair surgery. Many patients travel from around the world to be evaluated and treated by him after experiencing failed shoulder surgery elsewhere.

Dr. Meier believes that the first step in addressing a failed rotator cuff surgery is determining the cause of the failure. Once he identifies the reason, he can address the problem directly. Shoulder surgery may fail due to missed or incorrect diagnoses, technical errors in surgery, and deficiencies in the biologic healing response.

Corrective revision surgery may be beneficial if it addresses missed pathology, corrects technical issues, or augments an insufficient biological healing response. Dr. Meier believes it is critical to plan what will be done differently during a second surgery if one hopes for a different outcome than after the initial surgery.

To begin an evaluation of a failed shoulder surgery, obtaining current X-rays and MRI is necessary. Diagnostic ultrasound can also provide helpful information. During the office evaluation, Dr. Meier may perform diagnostic injection tests with lidocaine under ultrasound guidance to determine what part of the anatomy is responsible for residual pathology and ongoing pain symptoms. Diagnostic injections may be performed sequentially in the subacromial space, acromioclavicular joint, biceps bursa, and glenohumeral joint, monitoring the pain response after each injection. After identifying the reason or reasons for the persistent symptoms, Dr. Meier can formulate and implement a strategic surgical plan. The following table provides a list of the most common problems encountered at the time of revision surgery and the appropriate procedures to address them:

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With outstanding precision and attention to detail, Dr. Meier provides all patients under his care the same level of attention as professional athletes receive. Read what some patients have to say about Dr. Meier’s life-changing treatments by visiting here.

I recieved Regenerative Injection Therapy on my right hip back in early March, 2018 from Dr. Meier. The result thus far have been very good - I have less pain and much better mobility. Dr. Meier and his staff are true professionals and have been great at setting expectations for the potential results of the Regenerative Injection Therapy process, making sure all my questions are answered in detail both before and after the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Meier to anyone looking for alternatives to a hip replacement.

M. Hill

Dr. Meier is a fantastic doctor. He did a series of Prolotherapy Injections on my knees, shoulder and lower back, which saved me from having to have surgery. I trust him and his opinions on the best care for his patients.

Susan Kelber

I always have an outstanding experience when I have an appointment with Dr. Meier. Apart from being an outstanding doctor who listens to you, he has helped me so much in dealing with my pain from my accident. I highly recommend Dr. Meier. An added plus is the wonderful caring staff that he has in his office.

Terri Valencia
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